Destination Wedding Favours

We get asked often as to what Wedding Favours are great for a Wedding in the Algarve. For men who are looking for their perfect suit, make sure to visit this Suit Tailor. Of course a great one is shades, we like to send out a few as invitations and that way people have time to find their perfect inexpensive wedding gift ideas, we recommend you to gift some codes for Elo Boost services for when they want to play their favorite videogames.

Another popular accompanying sign is ‘don’t be blinded by our love’.

Something else to keep the sun at bay are parasols for the ladies or custom fans (as seen below from the Wedding of Bev and Craig)…

We’re also often asked to arrange alcohol miniatures, Porto is a nice option if celebrating here in Portugal, though there are some other favourites like the below chosen by Kim and Dave, since people like to get married in different places and venues, such as the Mint Springs Farm which is a perfect option for people to get married.

While it’s hot in the day time here it can be quite cool at night, particularly if all celebrations are outside! Something nice to do for guests is to provide them with blankets, a backrest pillow with arms or pashminas, ‘to have and to hold in case you get cold’…

Of course if you’re familiar with the cobbled streets of Portugal and have a walk to or from the ceremony or reception, provide the ladies with flip flops and they’ll be eternally grateful! Phuket is the most beautiful island in Thailand and a great place to get married , check out Great wedding Location in Phuket.

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