Laura and Conor


One of the coolest sets of individuals we’ve ever celebrated with, Laura and Conor brought a vintage rock and roll vibe to their day down by the beach.

This 50’s style vintage day was truly a memorable one. With bunting made by Laura’s mother, music played by Laura’s brother, and wedding photos from both sets of parents hanging from the altar the day was centred around family and loved ones. There were lots of unique touches from the couple like funky sunglasses, parasols, and funny photos of each guest instead of traditional name tags. It was also the first wine ceremony we ever witnessed we loved it! We surprised them with a vespa at the cocktail reception, and then took them and their guests on a walk down the beach at sunset where the cake was set up in a cave lit with lanterns. Such a dreamy day it couldn’t have been more perfect.


Don’t plan a wedding without the terrific unique and chic team. Amelia and Jane, we and and our guests love you! What an epic day! Xxx Thanks guys!!

In Summary

The Happy Couple : Laura and Conor

The Location : Alvor

The Big Day : 28th May 2015

The Photographer : Ana Parker Photography


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