Leanne and Andre


Leanne and Andre had a wedding that will always be looked on with smiles by us. There were so many moments that made the day a memorable one.

We knew we would really enjoy this wedding from the moment Leanne told us her bridal party would be dancing to Drake to enter the reception venue, we found it curious that they had a Kiddy bouncy castle with slide in the party. Their day got off to a slight stumble when a car accident in the town meant coaches had to do a slight detour to collect guests, but everyone took it in their stride and had a laugh on their little walk! Their ceremony was at one of our favourite destinations, and they had a friend from home singing for them which had all the guests singing and dancing. The whole day was such a joy, and really centred around their love of music. It was the first wedding we´ve ever had with bridesmaids having a rap battle, and the father daughter dance being crashed by the groom with their fun choreography had us all in stitches. Definitely a day we´ll never forget!


Hi ladies,

Well… what can I say. you both have been outstanding! I can’t recommend you enough! I look back at our wedding day and just smile! there were only a few things that went wrong. but weren’t enough to spoil the day. At the start of the day our friends and family walked up mount everest to catch the coach… but they all got there in the end… smiling and panting!

Everyone has said nothing but good words about the day and you two were just amazing!

Thank you for everything you have done making sure the day ran smoothly!
Everyone has been raving about how spectacular the day was. how organised it was and how much fun it was. I’m so happy you enjoyed yourselves too, and I saw some of Bruno’s staff dancing… and you two learning the candy dance at the end… AMAZING

I even love your photo that you took in the booth!!! Jane and Amelia I could never have done anything without you and the day would never have gone the way it did without you there to put order to the chaos and make sure all the vendors came on time and do their jobs as planned.

We thank you so much for all your hard work! you were AMAZING
Speak to you soon. and thanks again… SO MUCH!!!!

Mr & Mrs Virgin! xxx

In Summary

The Happy Couple: Leanne and Andre

The Location: Porches and Alvor

The Big Day : 16th August 2016

The Photographer: James Hardie Photography


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