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We are always creating, it’s what we love to do. Here you can see some of our gorgeous backdrops we made with love…

Decorated Weddings

As you’ll see in our brochures we have a huge range of items to make your Wedding Day that little bit more special, from votives and lanterns to lawn games and lounging there is so much to choose from to make your Wedding stand out from the rest…

Wedding Stationary, it’s all in the details…

Wedding Stationary is a new love of mine, I love bringing in the personality of each couple to their wedding day and this is a really easy way to do it. Let me know which design speaks to you, or give me a brief on the colours you love, the flowers you’re incorporating, and also how formal or casual you’re choosing to make your day. There´s no rule book it’s your time to be true to you!

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